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Our mission is to provide students with access to the highest possible level of preparation for the study of music in higher education in order to maximize the chance of admittance, scholarship funding, and to build foundational skills for success and heightened creativity.

Beyond helping students develop the necessary technical, performance, and professional skills, Allegro Virtual Prep strives to inspire each student to be socially conscious, and to use their music to make a positive impact in their own communities. 


At Allegro Virtual Preparatory Instruction, LLC, we strongly believe that when students have a strong foundation in rhythm, harmony, ear training, and sight singing, they are able to better express themselves through their instruments.

This allows their artistic selves to thrive, uninhibited, and encourages them to contemplate their roles as musicians beyond the technical.

Whether a student is just beginning their musical journey or preparing for college entrance auditions and exams, we have designed a program to address the specific needs of each student. Every music student has strengths, weaknesses, and gaps. Our program caters to filling in those gaps so that students may enter a college or conservatory without the need for fundamental or remedial classes.


Additionally, this saves time and money for students (and parents) so they can maximize time spent on their primary area of study.


We typically accept students age 12 and up, but if your child is younger, we are open to discussing options for them.


All lessons are one on one, online, and designed for you.

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