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The average theory class at major music institutions in the United States is three credits, which means that the average cost for one theory class is $5,271.42 per semester. One of our many goals at Allegro Virtual Prep is to help students test out of all fundamental music classes, which could be as many as twelve credits, totaling $21,085.71.


Ten months of study with Allegro Virtual Prep costs from $2,700 to $3,000, depending on the package that is right for you. Choosing to study with us can potentially save you over $18,000. In addition to saving costs, these studies will help save something far more valuable: your time and energy. The time spent at school is finite and testing out of remedial and fundamental courses will allow students to maximize their learning experience at music schools. 


Cost per credit hour at major music institutions:

New England Conservatory: $1,650 

Berklee College of Music: $1,615

Oberlin College: ~ $2,266

The New School: $1,700

Manhattan School of Music: ~ $1,857

The Juilliard School: ~ $1,590

California Institute of the Arts: ~ $1,622

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